On Sat, Aug  6, 2016 at 01:00:15PM +0100, Andrew Gierth wrote:
> >>>>> "Bruce" == Bruce Momjian <br...@momjian.us> writes:
>  >> As far as I understood Andrew's use case, he was specifically *not*
>  >> interested in a complete representation of an index definition, but
>  >> rather about whether it had certain properties that would be of
>  >> interest to query-constructing applications.
> Well, I wouldn't limit it to query-constructing applications.
> I'll give another random example that I thought of. Suppose an
> administrative GUI (I have no idea if any of the existing GUIs do this)
> has an option to do CLUSTER on a table; how should it know which indexes
> to offer the user to cluster on, without access to amclusterable?
>  Bruce> Would it be helpful to output an array of strings representing
>  Bruce> the index definition?
> Why would that help, if the point is to enable programmatic access to
> information?

I was thinking an array of strings would avoid problems in having to
re-scan the output for tokens.

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