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> The logical replication launcher process and the apply process are
> implemented as a bgworker. Isn't better to have them as an auxiliary
> process like checkpointer, wal writer?

I don't think so. The checkpointer, walwriter, autovacuum, etc predate
bgworkers. I strongly suspect that if they were to be implemented now
they'd use bgworkers.

Now, perhaps we want a new bgworker "kind" for system workers or some other
minor tweaks. But basically I think bgworkers are exactly what we should be
using here.

> IMO the number of logical replication connections should not be
> limited by max_worker_processes.

Well, they *are* worker processes... but I take your point, that that
setting has been "number of bgworkers the user can run" and it might not be
expected that logical replication would use the same space.

max_worker_progresses isn't just a limit, it controls how many shmem slots
we allocate.

I guess we could have a separate max_logical_workers or something, but I'm
inclined to think that adds complexity without really making things any
nicer. We'd just add them together to decide how many shmem slots to
allocate and we'd have to keep track of how many slots were used by which
types of backend. Or create a near-duplicate of the bgworker facility for
logical rep.

Sure, you can go deeper down the rabbit hole here and say that we need to
add bgworker "categories" with reserved pools of worker slots for each
category. But do we really need that?

max_connections includes everything, both system and user backends. It's
not like we don't do this elsewhere. It's at worst a mild wart.

The only argument I can see for not using bgworkers is for the supervisor
worker. It's a singleton that launches the per-database workers, and
arguably is a job that the postmaster could do better. The current design
there stems from its origins as an extension. Maybe worker management could
be simplified a bit as a result. I'd really rather not invent yet another
new and mostly duplicate category of custom workers to achieve that though.

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