> Having said that, I've had a bee in my bonnet for a long time about
> removing per-row setup cost for repetitive regex matches, and
> whatever infrastructure that needs would work for this too.

What are the per-row setup costs for regex matches? I looked at
`regexp.c` and saw:

 * We cache precompiled regular expressions using a "self organizing list"
 * structure, in which recently-used items tend to be near the front.
 * Whenever we use an entry, it's moved up to the front of the list.
 * Over time, an item's average position corresponds to its frequency of

What proverbial bee did you have in your bonnet about the current regex
Which functions other than `strpos` and `LIKE` would benefit from a similar
cache, or perhaps a query-scoped cache?

In the mean time I'll look at other TODOs that catch my interest.
Feel free to point me in the direction of one that you think is
both desirable and easy enough for a beginner.


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