On 15.08.2016 14:33, Andreas 'ads' Scherbaum wrote:
Is it right and "true" way to validate date by extra transforming and

Maybe validate date by using ValidateDate(). Attached sample patch.

This does not solve the problem at hand, and let's wrong dates/formats
slip through:

./buildclient.py -v -c demo-config-pg.yaml --run-configure --run-make
--run-install --no-clean-at-all --patch

postgres=# SELECT to_date('2011 12  18', 'YYYY MM   DD');
(1 row)

That is from the regression tests, and obviously handles the date
transformation wrong. My attempt catches this, because I compare the
date with the input date, and do not rely on a valid date only.

I suppose that your sample query is an another issue, not date validate task. I sent the patch to the thread https://www.postgresql.org/message-id/b2a39359-3282-b402-f4a3-057aae500...@postgrespro.ru . It fixes formatting issues.

I thought that it is better to distinguish this issues to:
- validation of input date/timestmap string and input format string
- result date/timestamp validation

Artur Zakirov
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