On 8/15/16 7:33 AM, Andreas 'ads' Scherbaum wrote:
> postgres=# SELECT to_date('2011 12  18', 'YYYY MM   DD');
>    to_date
> ------------
>   2011-12-08
> (1 row)
> That is from the regression tests, and obviously handles the date 
> transformation wrong. My attempt catches this, because I compare the 
> date with the input date, and do not rely on a valid date only.

It's debatable what is correct here.

Using to_number, the behavior appears to be that a space in the pattern
ignores one character.  For example:

test=# select to_number('123 456', '999 999');

test=# select to_number('123 456', '999  999');

Considering that, the above to_date result is not incorrect.

So just squashing the spaces and converting the value back is not a
correct approach to detecting overflow.

I think using ValidateDate() was the right idea.  That is what we use
for checking date validity everywhere else.

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