> That doesn't really solve the problem, because OTHER backends won't be
> able to see them.  So, if I create a fast temporary table in one
> session that depends on a permanent object, some other session can
> drop the permanent object.  If there were REAL catalog entries, that
> wouldn't work, because the other session would see the dependency.

This is a good point. However current implementation doesn't allow to
do that. There is a related bug though, a minor one.

In session 1:

CREATE TABLE cities2 (name text, population float, altitude int);
CREATE FAST TEMPORARY TABLE capitals2 (state char(2)) INHERITS (cities2);

In session 2:

DROP TABLE cities2;

ERROR:  cache lookup failed for relation 16401

Instead of "cache lookup failed" probably a better error message
should be displayed. Something like "cannot drop table cities2 because
other objects depend on it". I will send a corrected patch shortly.

Everything else seems to work as expected.

If you discover any other bugs please let me know!

Best regards,
Aleksander Alekseev

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