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> > But we can change this discussion little bit different. I believe so
> > solution should be *global temporary tables*. These tables has
> > persistent catalogue entries. Data are joined with session. These
> > tables can be effective solution of problem with temporary tables,
> > can be strong benefit for developers (more comfortable, possible
> > static analyse of PLpgSQL) and it simplify life to all people who has
> > do migration from Oracle. So only benefits are there :).
> I don't think that global temporary tables solve "catalog bloating that
> causes auto vacuum" problem. I suggest we don't change a topic. Or maybe
> I don't know something about global temporary tables?

The global temporary tables has persistent rows in the catalogue. The
mapping to files can be marked as special and real mapping should be only
in memory.

So the changes in catalogue related to global temporary tables are pretty
less frequently.



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