Christian Convey wrote:

> * Allow the CMake-based build system to assume a fairly modern version
> of CMake.  (Maybe 2.8.12, or 3.0.)
> * For systems where the minimum CMake version isn't readily available,
> have an alternative build system which is just a simplistic Bash
> script that naively performs a full build every time it's invoked.
> The idea being that PG contributors are mostly the people who want
> efficient rebuilds, and most/all of them could easily install that
> minimal CMake version.
> *IF* it proved possible to write a clear, maintainable Bash script for
> that, perhaps that would eliminate most concerns about CMake not being
> well-supported on uncommon platforms / platform versions.

I think this "simplistic Bash script" is called "configure" and is
generated by autoconf from our  I don't think the word
"simplistic" describes it very well (nor does "maintainable").

I don't think we're interested in maintaining more build systems than we
already are.  If cmake can replace the current MSVC tooling and
autoconf, all in one, my impression is that we're in.  If we're
replacing two tools we've hammered pretty well over the years with two
tools that we haven't, I doubt we're interested.

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