On 7/25/16 1:50 PM, Tom Lane wrote:
There's a glibc-dependent hack in aset.c that reports any
plpgsql-driven palloc or pfree against a context named "SPI Proc", as
well as changes in pl_comp.c so that transient junk created during initial
parsing of a plpgsql function body doesn't end up in the SPI Proc context.
(I did that just to cut the amount of noise I had to chase down.  I suppose
in large functions it might be worth adopting such a change so that that
junk can be released immediately after parsing; but I suspect for most
functions it'd just be an extra context without much gain.)

Some folks do create very large plpgsql functions, so if there's a handy way to estimate the size of the function (pg_proc.prosrc's varlena size perhaps) then it might be worth doing that for quite large functions.
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