> I looked into this and soon found that fe_utils/string_utils.o has
> dependencies on libpq that are much wider than just pqexpbuffer :-(.
> It might be a project to think about sorting that out sometime, but it
> looks like it would be an awful lot of work just to avoid having initdb
> depend on libpq.so.  So I now think this objection is impractical.
> I'll just annotate the makefile entry to say that initdb itself doesn't
> use libpq.

Sounds good.

> > Another perhaps-only-cosmetic issue is that now initdb prints quotes
> > whether they are needed or not.
> I still think this is worth fixing, but it's a simple modification.
> Will take care of it.
> Great!  Seems like a good solution, I agree it looks better without quotes
if they're not needed.

> This item is listed in the commitfest as a bug fix, but given the lack of
> previous complaints, and the fact that the printed command isn't really
> meant to be blindly copied-and-pasted anyway (you're at least meant to
> replace "logfile" with something), I do not think it needs back-patching.
Agreed, not a "bug" in that sense.
Thanks Tom.

>                         regards, tom lane

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