* Tom Lane (t...@sss.pgh.pa.us) wrote:
> Euler Taveira <eu...@timbira.com.br> writes:
> > On 26-08-2016 09:25, Devrim Gündüz wrote:
> >> ...and we also have "pg_logical", that includes a "log" keyword already...
> > "clog" and "xlog" is almost "log"; "logical" is not. I don't imagine
> > people confusing "logical" meaning "log".
> Well, I dunno; people with a weak grasp of English might have an issue
> there.  But I never liked that directory name anyway; my problem with
> it is I read "pg_logical" and think "logical what?".  Naming things using
> a disconnected adjective is not good, especially one with as many
> potential applications as that one has.  If we're up for renaming things
> under PGDATA, that one is high on my hit list.

iirc, pg_logical also has both temporary and non-temporary data in it
too.  That complicates things for backup utilities that are trying to
exclude all temporary files.  If we actually move all the temp files
into their own directory (or tree), then we're changing what's in
pg_logical anyway, so renaming it seems like a good idea.



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