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> On Wednesday 19 February 2003 8:18 pm, Dave Cramer wrote:
>> I have a customer with a rather large application which uses this
>> syntax, because they were using informix. There is also a rather
>> interesting 4GL project called aubit which is on sourceforge. They would
>> also like to see this supported for the same reasons.
> Hey - I was going to say that...
> For the curious:
> Quick URL -

> Its a 'clone' of the Informix 4GL tool, a nice 'clean' language
> specifically designed for writing database applications, with both
> curses & GTK, support for multiple database types and a bunch of
> other things...

> We're about to release version 0.30 - and I was going to wait until
> then....

I tried it out a while back; couldn't get it to compile, probably due
to there being a bit too much 'bleeding' to the 'bleeding edge.'

It looks as though it could be pretty interesting, if PG support
matures (which can certainly be a two way street!).

How's the cross-platform support?  Aubit would be an easier sell, to
be sure, if it is readily deployable on Those Other Platforms, too...
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