Christopher Kings-Lynne wrote:
> > BTW, looking at the SQL99 standard, I see that you can do
> > 
> > UPDATE table SET ROW = foo WHERE ...
> > 
> > where foo is supposed to yield a row of the same rowtype as table
> > --- I didn't dig through the spec in detail, but I imagine foo can
> > be a sub-select.  I don't care a whole lot for that, though, since it
> > would be a real pain in the neck if you're not updating all the columns.
> > You'd have to go
> > 
> > UPDATE table SET ROW = (SELECT table.a, table.b, foo.x, ... FROM foo)
> How is the Informix syntax any better?

With Informix, you specify the columns you want updated in parens,
rather than saying ROW.  Does the spec allow a list of columns after
ROW?  That would be nice, like Informix.  I doubt many folks update all
the columns.

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