Hello Simon,

I'm really sorry for the inconveniences. Next time, I'll attach the
patch with proper documentation, test and comments.

> I think you should add this as part of the default testing for both
> check and installcheck. I can't imagine why we'd have it and not use
> it during testing.

Since, this is redo(replay) feature, we can surely add this in
installcheck. But, as Amit mentioned, it could be time-consuming.

>> * wal_consistency_mask = 511  /* Enable consistency check mask bit*/
> What does this mean? (No docs)

I was using this parameter as a masking integer to indicate the
operations(rmgr list) for which we need this feature to be enabled.
Since, this could be confusing, I've changed it accordingly so that it
accepts a list of rmgrIDs. (suggested by Michael, Amit and Robert)

>> 1. Add support for other Resource Managers.
> We probably need to have a discussion as to why you think this should
> be Rmgr dependent?
> Code comments would help there.
> If it does, then you should probably do this by extending RmgrTable
> with an rm_check, so you can call it like this...
> RmgrTable[record->xl_rmid].rm_check

I'm modifying it accordingly. I'm calling this function after

>> 5. Generalize the page type identification technique.
> Why not do this first?

At present, I'm using special page size and page ID to identify page
type. But, I've noticed some cases where the entire page is
initialized to zero (Ex: hash_xlog_squeeze_page). RmgrID and info bit
can help us to identify those pages.

Thanks & Regards,
Kuntal Ghosh
EnterpriseDB: http://www.enterprisedb.com

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