Thank you for your coments, Tom.

> Modern compilers are generally able to make their own decisions about it, and 
> trying to put your thumb on the scales this heavily is not likely to improve 
> the code.
Well, I have tested that combination of "static inline" affets
performance of index build on a scale of 5%. Though I didn't tested
with "static" only.
AFAIK compiler cannot prove that array of function input and output do
not intersect, so it emits lots of writes to output address inside
loop body.

>That pack_float function is absolutely not acceptable
Well, possibly, there are ways to achive penalty optimization without
such hacks, but it failed for pg_shpere and in PostGIS code. They
reverted plain arithmetic optimization without bit hacks, becuase it
didn't worked. This one works.
There is other way: advance GiST API. But I'm not sure it is possible
to do so without breaking compatibility with many existing extensions.

Best regards, Andrey Borodin, Octonica & Ural Federal University.

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