"K S, Sandhya (Nokia - IN/Bangalore)" <sandhya....@nokia.com> writes:
> Our setup is a hot-standby architecture. This crash is occurring only on 
> stand-by node. Postgres continues to run without any issues on active node.
> Postmaster is waiting for a start and is throwing this message.

> Aug 22 11:44:21.462555 info node-0 postgres[8222]: [1-2] HINT:  Is another 
> postmaster already running on port 5433? If not, wait a few seconds and 
> retry.  
> Aug 22 11:44:52.065760 crit node-1 postgres[8629]: [18-1] err-3:  
> btree_xlog_delete_get_latestRemovedXid: cannot operate with inconsistent 
> dataAug 22 11:44:52.065971 crit CFPU-1 postgres[8629]: [18-2] CONTEXT:  xlog 
> redo delete: index 1663/16386/17378; iblk 1, heap 1663/16386/16518;

Hmm, that HINT seems to be the tail end of a message indicating that the
postmaster is refusing to start because of an existing postmaster.  Why
is that appearing?  If you've got some script that's overeagerly launching
and killing postmasters, maybe that's the ultimate cause of problems.

The only method I've heard of for getting that get_latestRemovedXid
error is to try to launch a standalone backend (postgres --single)
in a standby server directory.  We don't support that, cf

BTW, I'm curious about the "err-3:" part.  That would not be expected
in any standard build of Postgres ... is this something custom modified?

                        regards, tom lane

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