On 2016-09-01 21:36:13 +0200, Tomas Vondra wrote:
> Of course, it's harmless as none of those CTEs gets actually executed,
> but is this intentional, or do we want/need to fix it? I don't see
> anything about this in the docs, but it seems a bit awkward and
> confusing to remove only some of the CTEs - I think we should either
> remove all or none of them.
> I don't think that should be particularly difficult - ISTM we need to
> make SS_process_ctes a bit smarter, essentially by adding a loop to
> remove the CTEs recursively (and decrease the refcount).

I don't really see a lot of benefit in expanding energy on
this. Skipping the CTE in the easy case saves som eplan cycles. Making more
effort to remove CTEs recursively probably doesn't...


Andres Freund

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