Peter Eisentraut <> writes:
> On 8/20/16 3:05 PM, Tom Lane wrote:
>> Make initdb's suggested "pg_ctl start" command line more reliable.

> A couple of problems with this:

> The not-quoting-if-not-needed doesn't appear to do anything useful for me:
>     'pg-install/bin/pg_ctl' -D 'pg-install/var/data' -l logfile start

Dash is considered a character that needs quoting.  It might be possible
to avoid that if we could be certain that appendShellString's output would
never be placed in a spot where it could be taken for a switch, but that
seems like a large assumption to me.  Or maybe we could treat it as
forcing quotes only if it starts the string; but I don't personally care
enough to write the code for that.  Feel free if you want to.

> The indentation of that line was changed from 4 to 10.  I don't think
> that was a good change.

Hmm, not intentional ... [ looks closely... ]  Looks like a tab got in
there somehow.  Will fix.

> As just mentioned elsewhere, this accidentally introduces a failure if
> the PostgreSQL installation path contains LF/CR, because of the use of
> appendShellString().

I think that's intentional, not accidental.  What actual use case is
there for allowing such paths?

                        regards, tom lane

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