Corey Huinker <> writes:
> On Sun, Sep 4, 2016 at 7:05 PM, Jim Nasby <> wrote:
>> I'd find this useful in the final output of EXPLAIN ANALYZE as well; any
>> objections to adding it?

> It's sorta out of my hands now, but what Tom said earlier is that because
> this is client-side code, it wouldn't use existing interval code.
> EXPLAIN *is* server-side, we couldn't use this code, but we could leverage
> existing interval code there to achieve a similar concept.

If we like this specific output format, I'd be inclined to just
copy-and-paste the code from psql.  I seriously doubt that getting type
interval involved in the discussion would lead to a shorter or
better-performing solution.

> I have another thing I'd like to add to EXPLAIN output : server version
> number output. So maybe we can pick those up in another thread.

Ugh.  There are multiple ways to get that already, and it's not like
space in EXPLAIN's output is not a precious resource.

                        regards, tom lane

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