Christian Convey <> writes:
> Could someone help me with a few procedural questions?

> (1) This page:
> lists the current commitfest's manager as "(vacant)".  But this page:
> seems to indicate that a commitfest
> is currently in progress.  Is there a commitfest manager at the
> moment?

Fabrízio de Royes Mello is it.  I guess he hasn't noticed that that
page ought to be updated.

> (2) It seems like there are still a few big questions about this commit:
>    - Is it wanted at the moment?  It didn't seem like there's a
>      consensus about whether or not this enhancement should be
>      merged, even if the patch is pretty minimal.
>    - It seems like there are two competing patch
>      sets in play for this enhancement: Joy's and
>      Peter's.  Presumably at most one of them would
>      be merged.

These are things that reviews should be helping to decide.  It's probably
a squishier topic than some patches, but if you're interested, feel free
to read code and weigh in.

                        regards, tom lane

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