On 09/08/2016 01:05 AM, Tom Lane wrote:
> Vik Fearing <v...@2ndquadrant.fr> writes:
>> On 09/07/2016 11:39 PM, Gavin Flower wrote:
>>> Possibly generate warningswhen the non hyphenated form is used?
>> I'm not quite sure how I got volunteered to do this work, but it's easy
>> enough so I don't mind.
>> Here is a new patch that emits a warning when --noclean and/or --nosync
>> are used.
> I'm pretty much -1 on printing a warning.  There's no ambiguity, and no
> real reason for us ever to remove the old spellings.  Standardizing on
> "no-" going forward makes sense, but let's not slap people's wrists for
> existing usage.  (Or: if it ain't broke, don't break it.)

One could also argue that 2 out of 53 "no" options omitting the dash is
in fact broken, and a real reason to remove them.

I don't see the warning as "slapping wrists" so much as saying that
we're harmonizing our conventions and their scripts need to be updated
for the better.

That said, I'm not going to fight for this.  My only goal here is to get
--wait and --no-wait added to pg_ctl.
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