Andres Freund <> writes:
> Attached is a significantly updated patch series (see the mail one up
> for details about what this is, I don't want to quote it in its
> entirety).

I've finally cleared my plate enough to start reviewing this patchset.

> 0001-Add-some-more-targetlist-srf-tests.patch
>   Add some test.

I think you should go ahead and push this tests-adding patch now, as it
adds documentation of the current behavior that is a good thing to have
independently of what the rest of the patchset does.  Also, I'm worried
that some of the GROUP BY tests might have machine-dependent results
(if they are implemented by hashing) so it would be good to get in a few
buildfarm cycles and let that settle out before we start changing the

I do have some trivial nitpicks about 0001:

 # rules cannot run concurrently with any test that creates a view
-test: rules psql_crosstab amutils
+test: rules psql_crosstab amutils tsrf

Although tsrf.sql doesn't currently need to create any views, it doesn't
seem like a great idea to assume that it never will.  Maybe add this
after misc_functions in the previous parallel group, instead?

+-- it's weird to GROUP BYs that increase the number of results

"it's weird to have ..."

+-- nonsensically that seems to be allowed
+UPDATE fewmore SET data = generate_series(4,9);

"nonsense that seems to be allowed..."

+-- SRFs are now allowed in RETURNING
+INSERT INTO fewmore VALUES(1) RETURNING generate_series(1,3);

s/now/not/, apparently

More to come later, but 0001 is pushable with these fixes.

                        regards, tom lane

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