On 13 September 2016 at 13:27, Craig Ringer <cr...@2ndquadrant.com> wrote:
> This was wrong for out-of-tree builds, updated.
> Still pending fix for PG_REGRESS path when invoked using
> $(prove_check) from PGXS

Looking further at this, I think a pgxs-specific patch to add support
for prove tests and isolation tests would be best, and can be done
separately. Possibly even snuck into a point release, but if not, at
least extension authors can invoke prove in their own Makefile if the
required modules get installed. It just needs an adaptation of the
command used in the $(prove_check) definition.

Extension makefiles run tests by listing the tests in REGRESS .
Something similar would make sense for isolation checks. For prove,
probably just a macro that can be invoked to enable prove tests in
pgxs makefiles.

I suggest that the above patches be applied to 9.6 and v10. Then for
v10 I'll look at enhancing PGXS to make it easier to use isolation
tests and prove tests; extensions that want to use them in 9.6 can
just add something like:

        rm -rf $(CURDIR)/tmp_check/log
        cd $(srcdir) && TESTDIR='$(CURDIR)' PATH="$(shell pg_config
--bindir):$$PATH" PGPORT='6$(DEF_PGPORT)'
top_builddir='$(CURDIR)/$(top_builddir)' PG_REGRESS='pg_regress'

.PHONY: prove_check

to their Makefile , so it's not necessary to have PGXS support for
this for it to be useful in 9.6.

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