Victor Wagner wrote:
> Hi hackers!
> I've encountered need to extend functionality of PostgresNode class
> from the TAP test framework. What I want can easily be done via perl
> object inheritation. 
> But documentation in the recommends to use get_new_node
> function rather than call PostgresNode constructor directly.

Yeah, as I recall the only thing the get_new_node thingy does is assign
a nonconflicting port number to each instance, and make sure the
instances are all teared down at END.  I don't remember now why didn't
we just do the port check in the constructor, but we messed with that
code a lot after the commit.  Maybe there's no good reason and we should
change that, for convenience of inheritance.  As for the teardown, I
remember trying to do that using DESTROY instead of an END block, but
there was some problem I couldn't figure out (I think there was some
ugly warning message because the data dir for the node was removed
before the DESTROY for the object had the chance to run)... maybe you
can figure that one out.

Overall I think it'd be an improvement to use a regular constructor
instead of the current arrangement.

Álvaro Herrera      
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