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Oh sure, I don't see that as big problem, the TupleData already contains
type of the data it sends (to distinguish between nulls and text data) so
that's mostly about adding some different type there and we'll also need
type info in the column part of the Relation message but that should be easy
to fence with one if for different protocol version.

The missing piece seems to be negotiation.

If a binary-aware client connects to a non-binary aware server, the
non-binary-aware server needs a way to say "you requested this option
I don't understand, go away" or "you asked for binary but I don't
support that".

Not sure what you mean by negotiation. Why would that be needed? You know server version when you connect and when you know that you also know what capabilities that version of Postgres has. If you send unrecognized option you get corresponding error.

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