On 14/09/2016 00:06, Tom Lane wrote:
I'm inclined to think the kqueue patch is worth applying just on the
grounds that it makes things better on OS X and doesn't seem to hurt
on FreeBSD.  Whether anyone would ever get to the point of seeing
intra-kernel contention on these platforms is hard to predict, but
we'd be ahead of the curve if so.

It would be good for someone else to reproduce my results though.
For one thing, 5%-ish is not that far above the noise level; maybe
what I'm measuring here is just good luck from relocation of critical
loops into more cache-line-friendly locations.

FWIW, I've tested HEAD vs patch on a 2-cpu low end NetBSD 7.0 i386 machine.

HEAD: 1890/1935/1889 tps
kqueue: 1905/1957/1932 tps

no weird surprises, and basically no differences either.

Matteo Beccati

Development & Consulting - http://www.beccati.com/

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