On 9/12/16 11:16 PM, Michael Paquier wrote:
>> I don't think tar file output in pg_basebackup needs to be fsynced.
>> > It's just a backup file like what pg_dump produces, and we don't fsync
>> > that either.  The point of this change is to leave a data directory in
>> > a synced state equivalent to what initdb leaves behind.
> Here I don't agree. The point of the patch is to make sure that what
> gets generated by pg_basebackup is consistent on disk, for all the
> formats. It seems weird to me that we could say that the plain format
> makes things consistent while the tar format may cause some files to
> be lost in case of power outage. The docs make it clear I think:
> +        By default, <command>pg_basebackup</command> will wait for all files
> +        to be written safely to disk.
> But perhaps this should directly mention that this is done for all the 
> formats?

That doesn't really explain why we fsync.  If we think that all
"important" files should be fsynced, why aren't we doing it in pg_dump?
Or psql, or server-side copy?  Similarly, there is no straightforward
mechanism by which you can unpack the tar file generated by
pg_basebackup and get the unpacked directory fsynced properly.  (I
suppose initdb -S should be recommended.)

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