This is looking pretty good.  More comments on this patch set:


Keep the file order alphabetical in

Needs updates for file move (in initdb and pg_basebackup


durable_rename needs close(fd) in non-error path (compare backend code).

Changing from fsync() to fsync_name() in some cases means that
inaccessible files are now ignored.  I guess this would only happen in
very obscure circumstances, but it's worth considering if that is OK.

You added this comment:

     * XXX: This means that we might not restart if a crash occurs
before the
     * fsync below. We probably should create the file in a temporary path
     * like the backend does...

pg_receivexlog uses the .partial suffix for this reason.  Why doesn't
pg_basebackup do that?

In open_walfile, could we move the fsync calls before the fstat or
somewhere around there so we don't have to make the same calls in two
different branches?


There was a discussion about renaming the --nosync option in initdb to
--no-sync, but until that is done, the option in pg_basebackup should
stay what initdb has right now.

There is a whitespace alignment error in usage().

The -N option should be listed after -n.

Some fsync calls are not covered by a do_sync conditional.  I see some
in close_walfile(), HandleCopyStream(), ProcessKeepaliveMsg().

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