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>> =======
>> +Vacuum acquires cleanup lock on bucket to remove the dead tuples and or
>> tuples
>> +that are moved due to split.  The need for cleanup lock to remove dead
>> tuples
>> +is to ensure that scans' returns correct results.  Scan that returns
>> multiple
>> +tuples from the same bucket page always restart the scan from the
>> previous
>> +offset number from which it has returned last tuple.
>> Perhaps it would be better to teach scans to restart anywhere on the page,
>> than to force more cleanup locks to be taken?
> Commenting on one of my own questions:
> This won't work when the vacuum removes the tuple which an existing scan is
> currently examining and thus will be used to re-find it's position when it
> realizes it is not visible and so takes up the scan again.
> The index tuples in a page are stored sorted just by hash value, not by the
> combination of (hash value, tid).  If they were sorted by both, we could
> re-find our position even if the tuple had been removed, because we would
> know to start at the slot adjacent to where the missing tuple would be were
> it not removed. But unless we are willing to break pg_upgrade, there is no
> feasible way to change that now.

I think it is possible without breaking pg_upgrade, if we match all
items of a page at once (and save them as local copy), rather than
matching item-by-item as we do now.  We are already doing similar for
btree, refer explanation of BTScanPosItem and BTScanPosData in

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