On 2016-09-19 15:10:58 -0400, Robert Haas wrote:
> Personally, I find the results so far posted on this thread thoroughly
> unimpressive.  I acknowledge that Dilip's results appear to show that
> in a best-case scenario these patches produce a rather large gain.
> However, that gain seems to happen in a completely contrived scenario:
> astronomical client counts, unlogged tables, and a test script that
> maximizes pressure on CLogControlLock.  If you have to work that hard
> to find a big win, and tests under more reasonable conditions show no
> benefit, it's not clear to me that it's really worth the time we're
> all spending benchmarking and reviewing this, or the risk of bugs, or
> the damage to the SLRU abstraction layer.  I think there's a very good
> chance that we're better off moving on to projects that have a better
> chance of helping in the real world.


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