On 09/21/2016 02:14 AM, Michael Paquier wrote:
Adjusted in v4.

Thanks for the new version.

Code/doc will need an update once the CHI patch goes in.

If you are referring to the WAL support, I guess that this patch or
the other patch could just rebase and adjust as needed.

It is the main patch [1] that defines the new constants for page type. But I'll submit an update for pageinspect when needed.

hash_page_items and hash_page_stats share a lot of common points with
their btree equivalents, still doing a refactoring would just impact
the visibility of the code, and it is wanted as educational in this
module, so let's go with things the way you suggest.


+     <para>
+      The type information will be '<literal>m</literal>' for a metadata page,
+      '<literal>v</literal>' for an overflow page,
'<literal>b</literal>' for a bucket page,
+      '<literal>i</literal>' for a bitmap page, and
'<literal>u</literal>' for an unused page.
+     </para>
Other functions don't go into this level of details, so I would just
rip out this paragraph.

I'll add an annotation for this part, and leave it for the committer to decide, since Jeff wanted documentation for the 'type' information.

The patch looks in pretty good shape to me, so I am switching it as
ready for committer.

Thanks for your feedback !

Best regards,

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