On 9/21/16 8:12 AM, Robert Haas wrote:
>> Oh, I'm on board with increasing the default size a bit. A different
>> > default size isn't a non-default compile time option anymore though, and
>> > I don't think 1GB is a reasonable default.
> But that's not the question.  What Peter said was: "maybe we should at
> least *allow* some larger sizes, for testing out".  I see very little
> merit in restricting the values that people can set via configure.
> That just makes life difficult.  If a user picks a setting that
> doesn't perform well, oops.

Right.  If we think that a larger size can have some performance benefit
and we think that 64MB might be a good new default (as was the initial
suggestion), then we should surely allow at least say 128 and 256 to be
tried out.

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