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> For list partitions, the ListInfo stores the index maps for values
> i.e. the index of the partition to which the value belongs. Those
> indexes are same as the indexes in partition OIDs array and come from
> the catalogs. In case a user creates two partitioned tables with
> exactly same lists for partitions but specifies them in a different
> order, the OIDs are stored in the order specified. This means that
> index array for these tables come out different. equal_list_info()
> works around that by creating an array of mappings and checks whether
> that mapping is consistent for all values. This means we will create
> the mapping as many times as equal_list_info() is called, which is
> expected to be more than the number of time
> RelationBuildPartitionDescriptor() is called. Instead, if we
> "canonicalise" the indexes so that they come out exactly same for
> similarly partitioned tables, we build the mapping only once and
> arrange OIDs accordingly.
> Here's patch to do that. I have ran make check with this and it didn't
> show any failure. Please consider this to be included in your next set
> of patches.

The patch has an if condition as statement by itself
+    if (l1->null_index != l2->null_index);
         return false;

There shouldn't be ';' at the end. It looks like in the tests you have
added the function always bails out before it reaches this statement.

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