>> Please check if you are able to reproduce these errors in your
>> repository. I made sure that I cleaned up all partition-wise join code
>> before testing this, but ... .
> Thanks for the test case.  I can reproduce the same.
>> I tried to debug the problem somewhat. In set_append_rel_pathlist(),
>> it finds that at least one child has a parameterized path as the
>> cheapest path, so it doesn't create an unparameterized path for append
>> rel. At the same time there is a parameterization common to all the
>> children, so it doesn't create any path. There seem to be two problems
>> here
>> 1. The children from second level onwards may not be getting
>> parameterized for lateral references. That seems unlikely but
>> possible.

Did you check this? We may be missing on creating index scan paths
with parameterization. If we fix this, we don't need to
re-parameterize Append.

>> 2. Reparameterization should have corrected this, but
>> reparameterize_path() does not support AppendPaths.
> Hmm, 0005-Refactor-optimizer-s-inheritance-set-expansion-code-5.patch is
> certainly to be blamed here; if I revert the patch, the problem goes away.
> Based on 2 above, I attempted to add logic for AppendPath in
> reparameterize_path() as in the attached.  It fixes the reported problem
> and does not break any regression tests. If it's sane to do things this
> way, I will incorporate the attached into patch 0005 mentioned above.
> Thoughts?

Best Wishes,
Ashutosh Bapat
EnterpriseDB Corporation
The Postgres Database Company

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