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Tomas Vondra <tomas.von...@2ndquadrant.com> writes:

... I've tried increasing the cache size to 768
entries, with vast majority of them (~600) allocated to leaf pages.
Sadly, this seems to only increase the CREATE INDEX duration a bit,
without making the index significantly smaller (still ~120MB).

Yeah, that's in line with my results: not much further gain from a
larger cache.  Though if you were testing with the same IRRExplorer
data, it's not surprising that our results would match.  Would be
good to try some other cases...

Agreed, but I don't have any other data sets at hand. One possibility would be to generate something randomly (e.g. it's not particularly difficult to generate random IP addresses), but I'd much rather use some real-world data sets.

One thing I'd change is making the SpGistLUPCache dynamic, i.e.
storing the size and lastUsedPagesMap on the meta page. That
should allow us resizing the cache and tweak lastUsedPagesMap in
the future.

Yeah, probably a good idea. I had thought of bumping
SPGIST_MAGIC_NUMBER again if we want to revisit the cache size; but
keeping it as a separate field won't add noticeable cost, and it
might save some trouble.

I see you plan to track only the cache size, while I proposed to track also the map, i.e. number of pages per category. I think that'd useful in case we come up with better values (e.g. more entries for leaf pages), or even somewhat adaptive way.


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