On 26 September 2016 at 21:52, Vladimir Gordiychuk <fol...@gmail.com> wrote:
>>You should rely on time I tests as little as possible. Some of the test
>> hosts are VERY slow. If possible something deterministic should be used.
> That's why this changes difficult to verify. Maybe in that case we should
> write benchmark but not integration test?
> In that case we can say, before this changes stopping logical replication
> gets N ms but after apply changes it gets NN ms where NN ms less than N ms.
> Is it available add this kind of benchmark to postgresql? I will be grateful
> for links.

It's for that reason that I added a message printed only in verbose
mode that pg_recvlogical emits when it's exiting after a
client-initiated copydone.

You can use the TAP tests, print diag messages, etc. But we generally
want them to run fairly quickly, so big benchmark runs aren't
desirable. You'll notice that I left diag messages in to report the
timing for the results in your tests, I just changed the tests so they
didn't depend on very tight timing for success/failure anymore.

We don't currently have any automated benchmarking infrastructure.

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