As some of you probably noticed, I just made a sweep through
everything that was marked "Waiting on Author" in the CommitFest and
hadn't been updated in the last couple of days.  Most of those I
marked as "Returned with Feedback", but some of them got some other
status, one I committed, and a few I just sent a ping of some sort to
the thread.

With that cleanup, things now look like this:

Needs review: 46. Waiting on Author: 21. Ready for Committer: 18.
Committed: 94. Moved to next CF: 1. Rejected: 12. Returned with
Feedback: 27. Total: 219.

There is obviously a good bit of stuff that has been marked "Ready for
Committer"; it would be good if committers could take a look at those
and see if they agree that a commit might be possible without undue

There is also a lot of stuff that is still in a "Needs Review" state.
I suspect a good amount of that stuff has actually had some review,
and if somebody wants to help, it would be great to go through those
entries and change the status of any of them that are not actually
waiting for review - i.e. if they have been reviewed and are awaiting
an update, mark them as "Waiting on Author".  This will help us
separate the things that still really deserve a look from the stuff
that has already had one.

The things that haven't had any review yet should get a review if
that's at all possible.

Robert Haas
The Enterprise PostgreSQL Company

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