I'm working on updating and making production ready my experimental cross version pg_upgrade testing module for the buildfarm. A couple of things have emerged that are of concern. This module does a much more complete test that our normal test for pg_upgrade, which only checks upgrading the standard regression database. This tests all the databases the buildfarm creates for testing, including those made by modules in contrib.

The biggest issue is this: the upgrade fails completely on ltree-plpython and hstore-plpython, presumably because these modules rely on the plpython module being loaded first. pg_upgrade rather simple-mindedly calls LOAD on the object library to test if it's usable. It's a bit embarrassing that we can't upgrade a database using one of our own modules. At the very least we should hard-code a way around this (e.g. have it load the relevant plpython module first), but more generally I think we need a way to tell pg_upgrade that module X relies on module Y. In the past ISTR we've said we don't support having dependencies between loadable modules, but that ship now seems to have sailed.

Second, we get an unexpected difference between the pre-upgrade and post-upgrade dumps for the bloom module:

   --- /home/bf/bfr/root/upgrade/HEAD/origin-REL9_6_STABLE.sql
   2016-10-02 09:16:03.298341639 -0400
   2016-10-02 09:16:54.889343991 -0400
   @@ -7413,6 +7413,20 @@
     COMMENT ON EXTENSION bloom IS 'bloom access method - signature
   file based index';

   +-- Name: bloom; Type: ACCESS METHOD; Schema: -; Owner:
   +-- Name: ACCESS METHOD bloom; Type: COMMENT; Schema: -; Owner:
   +COMMENT ON ACCESS METHOD bloom IS 'bloom index access method';
     SET search_path = public, pg_catalog;

     SET default_tablespace = '';

It looks like we have some work to do to teach pg_dump about handling access methods in extensions. This doesn't look quite as bad as the first issue, but it's a pity 9.6 escaped into the wild with this issue.



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