Andrew Dunstan <> writes:
> The biggest issue is this: the upgrade fails completely on 
> ltree-plpython and hstore-plpython, presumably because these modules 
> rely on the plpython module being loaded first. pg_upgrade rather 
> simple-mindedly calls LOAD on the object library to test if it's usable. 

FWIW, that seems to have worked fine yesterday on prairiedog.

I suspect the explanation is that macOS's dynamic linker is smart enough
to pull in plpython when one of those modules is LOAD'ed.  The ideal fix
would be to make that happen on all platforms.  I'm not actually sure
why it doesn't already; surely every dynamic linker in existence has
such a capability.

[ digs more deeply ... ]  Oh, weird: it looks like this succeeded in
every case except 9.6->HEAD upgrade.  Did we break something recently?

                        regards, tom lane

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