Joseph Shraibman wrote:
Joseph Shraibman wrote:
After further experimenting I think the problem is in psql.  When I try
update mytable set firstname = 'Oné' where ukey =  12911;

It works with a latin1 database, but when I try it on a unicode database:

utfowl=# update mytable set firstname = 'Oné' where ukey =  12911;

It thinks there is an open quote or something. This is even if I set the client encoding to be latin1. Of course dumps are read with the copy command but maybe it is the same problem.

I solved the problem. "set client_encoding = 'latin1';" does not work, but "\encoding latin1" does. I suggest that pg_dump put a "\encoding <encoding>" after every \connect in the dump. I would do this myself but I can't figure out where that is done in the dump program.

I did modify pg_dump.c so the encoding used during the dump can be specified on the command line, but since that isn't what solved the problem I'm not sure there is a point to having it. Is anyone interested?

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