Hi all,

Per $subject, I would like to thank on behalf of Fabrizio everybody
who has taken the time to send patches, review them and argue about
them. This has been by experience the largest commit fest ever, with
more than 200 entries in total. The delay in stabilizing 9.6 is likely
the explanation behind such a high number, a lot of patches have been
parked there for a couple of months.

There was something like 60~70 patches still listed as active in the
CF app on Friday my time, so doing the vacuum cleanup has taken some
time by marking patches as returned with feedback, rejected (few) and
moved to next CF. A couple of things I noted when going through the
remaining entries:
- a lot of folks have registered to review a patch and did not post a
review. Please avoid putting your name on a patch if you can't afford
the time to look at a patch.
- The rule one patch sent = one patch review of equal difficulty still works.
- Be careful of the status of the patch, and update it correctly. I
have noticed a lot of improvements in this area actually!

Here is the final score of this session:
- Committed: 103.
- Moved to next CF: 51.
- Rejected: 12.
- Returned with Feedback: 53. Total: 219.


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