> I don't agree with this: XML and XHTML are two different things.

No one claimed anything to the contrary.

> We could certainly upgrade the HTML portion, but I am pretty sure that
> the XML standard calls for this format:
> <columnname>data here</columnname>

The XML standard does not call for any table format.  But a number of
table formats have been established within the XML framework.  Some of
them are formatting-oriented (e.g., the HTML model, or CALS which is used
in DocBook) and some of them are processing-oriented (e.g., SQL/XML).
Which do we need?  And which do we need from psql in particular (keeping
in mind that psql is primarily for interactive use and shell-scripting)?
In any case, it should most likely be a standard table model and not a
hand-crafted one.

(If, for whatever reason, we go the "processing-oriented" route, then I
claim that there should not be a different output with and without \x

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