> Peter Eisentraut <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > I also think that psql is not the place to implement something like this.
> Agreed.
> > It's most likely best put in the backend, as a function like
> >     xmlfoo('select * from t1;')

> That seems a little bizarre.  Wouldn't we want to have a switch that
> just flips the SELECT output format from one style to the other?

Ah, but this approach has the merit that it doesn't require pushing out
a completely new set of tools.

> This is also a good time to stop and ask whether the frontend/backend
> protocol needs to change to support this.  Not having read the spec, I
> have no idea what the low-level transport needs are for XML output,
> but I suspect our present protocol is not it ...

That could be; there's enough variation in what one might want to do
with XML that it is not trivial to suggest an 'ideal' answer.

We have already seen the proposal of:
<record a="b" c="d" e="f">
<record a="c" c="e" e="g">
<record a="d" c="f" e="h">
<record a="e" c="g" e="i">

I would rather prefer something like:
   <a>b</a> <c>d</c> <e>f</e>
   <a>c</a> <c>d</c> <e>f</e>
   <a>d</a> <c>d</c> <e>f</e>

(Note that both approaches are quite rational possibilities.)

I'd think that the "protocol" would involve passing back a row-as-string
for each row in the result set.
output = ("cbbrowne" "@cbbrowne.com")
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