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>     >>> 4) An other problem is that like this this patch will allow
>     anyone to upload into a
>     >>> column the content of any system file that can be read by
>     postgres system user
>     >>> and then allow non system user to read its content.
>     >> I thought this was a client-side feature, so that it would let a
>     >> client upload any file that the client can read, but not things
>     that
>     >> can only be read by the postgres system user.
>     >>
>     > Yes that's right, sorry for the noise, forget this fourth report.
>     >
>     After some more though there is still a security issue here. For a
>     PostgreSQL user who also have login acces to the server, it is
>     possible
>     to read any file that the postgres system user can read, especially a
>     .pgpass or a recovery.conf containing password.
> here is new update - some mentioned issues are fixed + regress tests
> and docs

Looks very good for me minus the two following points:

1) I think \setfileref must return the same syntax than \set command

    postgres=# \setfileref a testfile.txt
    postgres=# \setfileref
    a = 'testfile.txt'

    postgres=# \setfileref
    a = ^'testfile.txt'

I think it would be better to prefixed the variable value with the ^ too
like in the \set report even if we know by using this command that
reported variables are file references.

2) You still allow special file to be used, I understand that this is
from the user responsibility but I think it could be a wise precaution. 

    postgres=# \setfileref b /dev/random
    postgres=# insert into test (:b);

Process need to be killed using SIGTERM.

However if this last point is not critical and should be handle by the
user, I think this patch is ready to be reviewed by a committer after
fixing the first point.


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