Gilles Darold wrote:

>    postgres=# \setfileref b /dev/random
>    postgres=# insert into test (:b);
> Process need to be killed using SIGTERM.

This can be fixed by setting sigint_interrupt_enabled to true
before operating on the file. Then ctrl-C would be able to cancel
the command.

See comment in common.c, above the declaration of 

 * SIGINT is supposed to abort all long-running psql operations, not only
 * database queries.  In most places, this is accomplished by checking
 * cancel_pressed during long-running loops.  However, that won't work when
 * blocked on user input (in readline() or fgets()).  In those places, we
 * set sigint_interrupt_enabled TRUE while blocked, instructing the signal
 * catcher to longjmp through sigint_interrupt_jmp.  We assume readline and
 * fgets are coded to handle possible interruption.  (XXX currently this does
 * not work on win32, so control-C is less useful there)

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