Hi Hackers,

I would like to propose a patch for pushing down the scan key to heap.

Currently only in case of system table scan keys are pushed down. I
have implemented the POC patch to do the same for normal table scan.

This patch will extract the expression from qual and prepare the scan
keys. Currently in POC version I have only supported  "var OP const"
type of qual, because these type of quals can be pushed down using
existing framework.

Purpose of this work is to first implement the basic functionality and
analyze the results. If results are good then we can extend it for
other type of expressions.

However in future when we try to expand the support for complex
expressions, then we need to be very careful while selecting
pushable expression. It should not happen that we push something very
complex, which may cause contention with other write operation (as
HeapKeyTest is done under page lock).

Performance Test: (test done in local machine, with all default setting).


create table test(a int, b varchar, c varchar, d int);
insert into test values(generate_series(1,10000000), repeat('x', 30),
repeat('y', 30), generate_series(1,10000000));
analyze test;

Test query:
select count(*) from test where a < $1;

Results: (execution time in ms)
Selectivity   Head(ms)   Patch(ms)    gain
0.01            612             307              49%
0.1              623             353              43%
0.2              645             398              38%
0.5              780             535              31%
0.8              852             590              30%
1                 913             730              20%

Instructions: (Cpu instructions measured with callgrind tool):

Quary :  select count(*) from test where a < 100000;

Head: 10,815,730,925
Patch: 4,780,047,331

 1.  ~50% reduction in both instructions as well as execution time.
 2. Here we can see ~ 20% execution time reduction even at selectivity
1 (when all tuples are selected). And, reasoning for the same can be
that HeapKeyTest is much simplified compared to ExecQual. It's
possible that in future when we try to support more variety of keys,
gain at high selectivity may come down.

WIP patch attached..

Thoughts ?

Dilip Kumar
EnterpriseDB: http://www.enterprisedb.com

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