On 2016-10-11 17:27:56 +0530, Dilip Kumar wrote:
> I would like to propose a patch for pushing down the scan key to heap.

I think that makes sense. Both because scankey eval is faster than
generic expression eval, and because it saves a lot of function calls in
heavily filtered cases.

> However in future when we try to expand the support for complex
> expressions, then we need to be very careful while selecting
> pushable expression. It should not happen that we push something very
> complex, which may cause contention with other write operation (as
> HeapKeyTest is done under page lock).

I don't think it's a good idea to do this under the content lock in any
case. But luckily I don't think we have to do so at all.

Due to pagemode - which is used by pretty much everything iterating over
heaps, and definitely seqscans - the key test already happens without
the content lock held, in heapgettup_pagemode():
 * ----------------
 *              heapgettup_pagemode - fetch next heap tuple in page-at-a-time 
 *              Same API as heapgettup, but used in page-at-a-time mode
 * The internal logic is much the same as heapgettup's too, but there are some
 * differences: *****we do not take the buffer content lock**** (that only 
needs to
 * happen inside heapgetpage), and we iterate through just the tuples listed
 * in rs_vistuples[] rather than all tuples on the page.  Notice that
 * lineindex is 0-based, where the corresponding loop variable lineoff in
 * heapgettup is 1-based.
 * ----------------
static void
heapgettup_pagemode(HeapScanDesc scan,
                                        ScanDirection dir,
                                        int nkeys,
                                        ScanKey key)
         * advance the scan until we find a qualifying tuple or run out of stuff
         * to scan
        for (;;)
                while (linesleft > 0)
                        lineoff = scan->rs_vistuples[lineindex];
                        lpp = PageGetItemId(dp, lineoff);
                         * if current tuple qualifies, return it.
                        if (key != NULL)
                                bool            valid;

                                                        nkeys, key, valid);
                                if (valid)
                                        scan->rs_cindex = lineindex;

> Instructions: (Cpu instructions measured with callgrind tool):

Note that callgrind's numbers aren't very meaningful in these days. CPU
pipelining and speculative execution/reordering makes them very


Andres Freund

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