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> Mithun Cy <mithun...@enterprisedb.com> wrote:
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>> Okay but for me consistency is also important. Since we agree to
>> disagree on some of the comments and others have not expressed any
>> problem I am moving it to committer.
> Thank you for your efforts improving my patch

I haven't deeply reviewed this patch, but on a quick read-through it
certainly seems to need a lot of cleanup work.

+      <varlistentry id="libpq-connect-hostorder" xreflabel="hostorder">
+      <term><literal>hostorder</literal></term>
+      <listitem>

I don't think that putting everything at the same indentation level
matches the style of the surrounding documentation.

@@ -985,7 +1042,6 @@ postgresql://%2Fvar%2Flib%2Fpostgresql/dbname
      <varlistentry id="libpq-connect-connect-timeout"

Spurious hunk.

+                /* Host has explicitely specified port */

Spelling.  This same error is repeated elsewhere.

+                /* Check if port is numeric */
+                for (nptr=r+1;nptr<q;nptr++)
+                {
+                    if (*nptr<'0' ||*nptr >'9')

Formatting.  Consider using pgindent to get this into correct PostgreSQL style.

+             * behavoir.


+ * the beginning (and putting its addres into given pointer.


+ *    Returns 1 if address is choosen and 0 if there are no more addresses


+         * Initialize random number generator in case if nobody have done it
+         * before. Use value from rand along with time in case random number

Grammar ("in case nobody has done it already").  Also, is it really OK
for libpq to call srand() as a side effect?  I think that seems rather

+             * taget_server_type is set to 'any' or is not exlicitely

Multiple spelling mistakes.

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