Bruce's commit 5d305d86bd917723f09ab4f15c075d90586a210a back in April
of 2014 includes this change:

     /* See PQconnectPoll() for how we use 'int' and not 'pgsocket'. */
-    int         sock;           /* Unix FD for socket, -1 if not connected */
+    pgsocket    sock;           /* FD for socket, PGINVALID_SOCKET if
unconnected */

I suppose Bruce must have overlooked the fact that the comment on the
previous line is now false.  I think we should remove it, because it
makes no sense to say how we are using 'int' rather than 'pgsocket'
when in fact we are not using 'int' any more.

Robert Haas
The Enterprise PostgreSQL Company

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