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> On Thu, Oct 20, 2016 at 2:50 PM, Pavan Deolasee
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> > Actually, if we could add an API which can truncate FSM to the given heap
> > block, then the user may not even need to run VACUUM, which could be
> costly
> > for very large tables.
> FreeSpaceMapTruncateRel()?

Right. We need a SQL callable function to invoke that.

> > Also, AFAICS we will need to backport
> > pg_truncate_visibility_map() to older releases because unless the VM is
> > truncated along with the FSM, VACUUM may not scan all pages and the FSM
> for
> > those pages won't be recorded.
> This would need a careful lookup, and it would not be that complicated
> to implement. And this bug justifies the presence of a tool like that
> actually... But usually those don't get a backpatch, so the
> probability of getting that backported is low IMO, personally I am not
> sure I like that either.

Just to clarify, I meant if we truncate the entire FSM then we'll need API
to truncate VM as well so that VACUUM rebuilds everything completely. OTOH
if we provide a function just to truncate FSM to match the size of the
table, then we don't need to rebuild the FSM. So that's probably a better
way to handle FSM corruption, as far as this particular issue is concerned.


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